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As we tried to explain on the ‘Why and What For’ page Steve spent countless hours in his local woods, testing bikes, going for runs and just being out and about amongst the trees.

Donations to this page will allow Jo and Holly to build a wooden bench in a special place (most likely) in Leigh Woods where friends and family can come to spend some time, enjoy the peace and quiet and think of Steve.

Once we have found the ideal location and the bench is in place we will let everybody know so that you can enjoy some time there.

We appreciate every donation – big or small – and would like to thank you in advance for your generosity – THANKS!

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10 thoughts on “Donate

  • Paul Skilbeck

    I still think of Steve anyway on several of my rides here in the San Francisco Bay area, but the idea of a nice bench in Leigh Woods or close by seems just right. I will look for the PayPal page and contribute then.

  • Cy Turner

    I wrote my own story about Steve and how instrumental he was to getting Cotic going over on the Cotic website. What he did then meant a lot to me, and I enjoyed chatting to him many times since. He was simply one of my favourite people.

  • Derek Purdy

    Steve stood for integrity, very high on my list of demands. Like many of us that put pen to paper his word was occasionally misquoted, sometimes, as in the case of a prime-time TV consumer programme, deliberately edited into something he simply did not say, but his honesty and integrity remained unbowed. Beneath it all he just loved to ride bikes, and it showed! Derek Purdy.

  • Nick Craig

    We are all very sad to hear the news of your loss and cannot imagine how hard it will be for you both. Steve was a special man that you shared with us, & he will be greatly missed by us and the industry.
    D Rainsford ,our Operations Manager, has made a donation on our behalf. Best Wishes from Nick Craig & all the team at Scott Sports UK.

  • paul carroll

    Great causes to be raising money for. I have just read the Bath Chronicle piece and am astounded that they are quoting £5000 for two defibrillators. Quality AEDs and the training to go with it can be bought for considerably less whilst still satisfying your needs and I am willing to help you with this allowing more money to go direct to the charities where it is needed. I provide training in CPR and AEDs and would give the training free to your volunteers, max 10 per course. Only cost would be the certificates themselves.

  • simon lawlor

    I was shocked to hear of Steve’s passing, a face and voice I had become familiar with over countless years of pouring through bike mags. I’m sure he lives on in the hearts of his family and friends.